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The general need for workers compensation insurance

Almost every state requires businesses to carry workers compensation insurance once they hire a certain number of employees, although the threshold varies by state.The majority of states require employers to purchase coverage as soon as they hire their first employee. However, in some states employers may not have to obtain workers compensation until they’ve hired as many as five employees.

Business owners should check the laws for their state to make sure they are in compliance with local workers compensation laws. A business found in violation of workers compensation laws could face charges of fraud as well as other penalties.

Workers Compensation policies for businesses

Workers compensation is a form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of the employee's right to sue their employer for the tort of negligence.

If you employ one or more full-time, part-time, seasonal, or occasional employees, the state of Idaho requires you to maintain a Workers Compensation policy unless you are specifically exempt from the law. You must have Workers Compensation in place when the first employee is hired.

Small business owners are often looking for ways to cut costs and improve their bottom line. However, one area where they shouldn’t skip is workers compensation insurance.

Some business owners may be tempted to think of workers compensation insurance as an unnecessary expense, especially if none of their employees have experienced a serious work-related injury. But business owners who don’t carry workers compensation coverage risk facing fines, or even jail time, depending on the laws in their state

Not only could employers be fined or jailed for violating workers compensation laws, they could also be sued. If an employee is injured at a company that is required to have a workers compensation policy – but doesn’t – the employee could file a lawsuit against the employer to recoup the cost of medical expenses.

Normally, workers compensation insurance contains an exclusive remedy provision that protects businesses from civil lawsuits over employee injury as long as workers compensation benefits cover the incident. Without that coverage, business owners could easily find themselves on the receiving end of a lawsuit from an injured employee.

Not every business needs workers compensation coverage.The following types of workers are exempt from workers compensation coverage under Idaho law (meaning that employers do not have to provide workers compensation insurance for these individuals):

  • household domestic workers
  • family members living in the employer’s household (sole proprietors only)
  • sole proprietors; or working members of a partnership or limited liability company; or corporate officers who own at least 10% of the stock (and who are directors, if the corporation has directors)
  • employees covered under Federal Workers Compensation Laws
  • pilots of agricultural spraying or dusting planes (under certain conditions)
  • real estate brokers and salespersons when paid solely by commission
  • volunteer ski patrollers
  • officials of athletic contests in secondary schools (grades 7-12 only)
  • casual employees – for work which occurs occasionally or at irregular times and which is not related to the type of business normally conducted
  • employment as an outworker - a person who works on materials at a location not under the control of the employer, and
  • family members of a sole proprietor who do not live in the proprietor’s household.

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